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Issue 1 - April 2020

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Capel Mair.jpg

Welcome! A message from the Chairperson - Andrea Kennedy

We're moving home! We now have the lease on the wonderful Turbine House - take a look inside

Capel Mair - important landmark vandalised again!

Rob Jones

My history with Margam Park

Litter Picking - A boost to wellbeing

We're changing the way the Castle is used!

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Finger on the Map

Restoration of Twyn yr Hydd Garden with Joyce Hunt

Keeping up with the Activities Team and Doreen Nash

Interested in being a Tour Guide? Interview with Bill Perkins

Members Gallery

In next issue:

  • We find out more about the Turbine house amazing transformation in detail

  • Find out what it was like to be 'in service' from a gentleman who worked for the Evans Bevans family, Mr Basil George.

  • Explore some of the walking trails from the comfort of your armchair

  • Health and wellbeing - how just an hour a week can make a huge difference to your health

  • The role of women in volunteering both now and in years past


Cllr Robert Jones - Leader of NPTBC Council

Jane Reynolds - Reporter

Joyce Hunt - Head of horticulture & projects

Tony Barrett - Vice Chairman

Jeff Jones - Tours & Turbine house working group

Andrea Kennedy - Chairperson

Suzanne Barrett - Secretary and Information officer

Doreen Nash - Head of activities

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